Valentine Nagata-Ramos : Choreographer

Valentine Nagata-Ramos was born in Japan and raised in France. She grew up with the influence of 2 cultures.
Always attracting by dancing, she started Breakdance on 1998.
As a psychology student, public spaces and empty stations served her at the beginning as a playground, before integrating the Black Blanc Beur Company ( first French Hip- Hop dance Company).
From Paris to Rotterdam or L.A. , Bgirl Valentine battled hundreds of bboys, until getting a vice world champion title at BOTY in 2004, and be the winner of We Bgirlz in 2007. She collaborates with many international dance Companies ( Montalvo/Hervieu, Par Terre...) and settled up her own « UZUMAKI » starting choreographing a solo : Sadako- 2011, and a duet : JE suis TOI-2014.
Inspired by Asian traditions and European modernism, Valentine leads a career between battles, performances and choreographies.
She teaches and shares to the new generation her experience being nourished by travels around the world and the constant research of the mouvement evolution.



Laurent Kong a Siou : dancer (JE suis TOI)

Hip-hop dancer and acrobat, Laurent was able to get his experience by a rich background. Interpreter and assistant choreographer for Black Blanc Beur Company ( Break Quintet, Si je t'm, T'es 3, Contrepied, Chroniques du périmètre), he also danced at Garnier for the International Opera from Paris ( Opéra Platée 2006) and for Alexandra N'Possee Company ( Nos limites, Les S'Tazunis and Anima).

He also collaborated with Des Equilibres Company ( Patchwork) and in parallel was in Phase T crew.




Esteban Loirat : lighting design ( JE suis TOI)




Frank Jamond : lighting design (Sadako)