UZUMAKI, in Japanese, can be translated as a whirlpool. This kinetic movement illustrates the movement of the body.


Created in 2011, UZUMAKI Company finds its artistic dimension in the mixture of the kinds, but especially in the fusion of the traditional and the fresh, the old and the new, in the merger of extremes east-west, laughter-tear, slow-fast … Without more there would not be less …
It is in this dynamic of spirals that evolves the choreographic search for Valentine Nagata-Ramos, from her dance questioning and more particularly on the breakdance from which she arises. Fed various approaches (classic, contemporary, modern dance, African, Butoh dance, break dance), the creation of her first solo piece Sadako joins in the progress of her quest, opened to the interbreeding of the cultures and to the deepening of the choreographic language. Bound to her personal story, her choreography calls on the space and the time of the artist's progress in perpetual movement.

The site Uzumaki is an opened window on her work which brings to light her desire of sharing and exchange on the urban dance through the search for new spaces and new languages.