SADAKO / Creation on may 14th 2011 at Dansen Hus, Stockholm, Sueden - length : 25mn

solo performance


A japanese ancient tale says:
Each one who folds a thousand of paper cranes could see his wish granted.

The peace symbol - through the Origami crane and from the story of a litlle japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki - was created.
At 2, Sadako was exposed to radiations when atomic bomb fell in Hiroshima. Nothing appeared until she was 12 years old. They detected an uncommon leukemia. Sadako had heard about the ancient legend and decided to fold one thousand cranes to recover health. She died some monthes later after having folded 644 cranes. Her students friends finished the rest. She was buried with a wreath of thousand cranes.
Mixing butô, hip-hop dance and origami (folding paper art), Valentine Nagata-Ramos digs in her japanese roots finding inspiration in the ancient legend to dance the childhood and the progress to become an adult.
The word surrended to the bodies mashed by inhumanity, in the silent space. The life reminder, in the suffering sound of the Shakuhachi (bambu japanese flute) announces a time of rebuilding and hope.
The crane flight is imminent in the final swirl.



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Choreographer and performer : Valentine Nagata-Ramos

Light : Laurent Vérité, Frank Jamond, Odilon Leportier

Soundtrack assembling : Rémi Quencez

Artistic director : Karim Amghar (Cie A’corps)






Production: Cie Uzumaki
Co productions : Centre de danse du Galion d’Aulnay-sous-bois, Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines.
Support : Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines (Fondation de France - Parc de la Villette - avec le soutien de la Caisse des Dépôts et de l’Acsé), Centre de danse du Galion d’Aulnay-sous-bois.





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